For media: To directly contact the people behind each event, click their names at the top of the events pages. To contact a Greenpeace media officer directly, write Jason Schwartz.

For event hosts: In most cases, the more coverage you secure of your event, the better. You want people to know about your issue, and you want to be the person directing the way that coverage goes. For that reason, you need to have a plan that includes some key priorities. What’s your main audience, and what is the message you’re trying to convey? What journalists or outlets are going to help you reach them? What are some key top lines for when your people are locked down and the cameras are rolling? Who are the spokespeople you want the cameras and mics to be pointed at?

Greenpeace and our trainers can take you some of the way toward developing your media plan and can provide resources to you and your event when the time comes but you should be thinking about messaging and media outreach at the very early stages of your strategy. Every successful event has a strong media strategy. You can bet your target has theirs, and chances are they have a lot more resources with which to execute it. If you have questions about developing a media plan email Resist.Help.Us@greenpeace.org